Fraud & Scams Are So Big We Need To Teach It In Schools – 2024

Fraud & Scams Are So Big We Need To Teach It In Schools

An Editorial About The Need To Share Anti-Fraud Information With Children!

•  Yaniv Hanoch, Professor in Decision Science, University of Southampton
•  Stacey Wood, Professor of Psychology, Scripps College

Article Abstract

The growing prevalence of fraud demands a critical shift in education, urging the inclusion of anti-fraud teachings in school curricula. With fraud cases rising by 25% in the UK alone, encompassing over 40% of individual crimes, the traditional view of fraud as an issue solely affecting the gullible or vulnerable is outdated.

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Scams and Cryptocurrency Go Hand in Hand

Scams and Cryptocurrency go Hand in Hand

•  Yaniv Hanoch, Associate Professor in Risk Management, University of Southampton; and
•  Stacey Wood, Professor of Psychology, Scripps College

Scams And Cryptocurrency Can Go Hand In Hand – Here’s How They Work And What To Watch Out For

When one of our students told us they were going to drop out of college in August 2021, it wasn’t the first time we’d heard of someone ending their studies prematurely. What was new, though, was the reason. The student had become a victim of a cryptocurrency scam and had lost all their money – including a bank loan – leaving them not just broke, but in debt. The experience was financially and psychologically traumatic, to say the least.

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