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The Forever Con Artist – A World History Of Deception – An Editorial About Scammers/Fraudsters – 2023

The Forever Con Artist – A World History Of Deception

•  Tim McGuinness, Ph.D. – Anthropologist, Scientist, Director of the Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

The Forever Con Artist – A Journey Through Time

Unveiling the History of Con Men and Women – Understanding That Scams Have Always Been With Us!

The Forever Con Artist has always been something that interested me as an Anthropologist, Archaeologist, and Historian. While working on archeological projects in Mesoamerica and South America, I have always been fascinated by each culture’s tricksters and how ubiquitous they always were. I have often wondered to what extend scammers or fraudsters or tricksters were in the ancient world, because they are not a new phenomenon. Scams, fraud, and cons have always been with us – even animals are capable of pulling them off.

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Japanese Lawyer Arrested For Money Recovery Fraud – 2023

Japanese Lawyer Arrested For Collaborating With Money Recovery Scammers

•  SCARS Editorial Team – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.
•  NPO Charms Team

‘International Romance Fraud Victim Relief’ – A Japanese Lawyer Was Arrested For Participation In Money Recovery Fraud Related To Romance Scams

An 82-year-old Japanese lawyer was arrested in Tokyo by the Osaka Prefectural Police for lending his lawyer’s name and credentials to a defendant charged with money recovery fraud, according to interviews with people involved in the investigation.

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Pig Butchering Scams In Southeast Asia – 2023

Pig-Butchering Scams In Southeast Asia

•  SCARS Editorial Team

Pig Butchering Scams – How Deeply Wired Into Law Enforcement Chinese Criminals Are In Southeast Asia

How ‘pig-butchering’ scams have emerged as a billion-dollar crypto industry

At a Thai police headquarters in October 2022, Chinese businessman Wang Yicheng congratulated one of Bangkok’s most senior cybercrime investigators on his recent promotion, presenting the official with a large bouquet of flowers wrapped in red paper and a bow.

Mr. Wang, the vice-president of a local Chinese trade group, wished the new cybercrime investigator “smooth work and new achievements”, according to the group’s website, which displays photographs of the event.

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EUROPOL Money Mule Action 2023 – Over 10,000 Identified

EUROPOL Money Mule Action 2023 – Over 10,000 Identified

•  SCARS Editorial Team –  Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.
•  Portions EUROPOL

For Money Mules, Their Paper Trail Ends In Jail Time For 1,013 Money Mules As A Result Of The 2023 Europol Actions Against Money Mules

2,822 banks and financial institutions join forces with law enforcement agencies against Money Mules in a global effort against money laundering!

Law enforcement agencies from 26 countries, in collaboration with Europol, Eurojust, INTERPOL, and several private industry partners, have once again joined forces to combat a key facilitator of money laundering: money mules and their recruiters. In June, October, and November 2023, several operational phases identified 10,759 money mules and 474 recruiters, leading to the arrest of 1,013 individuals worldwide.

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