Albert Cavallé – Love Scammer In A Spanish Prison 2024

Albert Cavallé – Love Scammer In A Spanish Prison

The End of a Famous Spanish Romance Scammer

•  SCARS Editorial Team – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc., Portions from News Media

Article Abstract

Albert Cavallé, notorious for defrauding over twenty women, has been apprehended after six months in hiding and is now incarcerated at Spanish Lledoners prison. The Barcelona Court issued his arrest for deceiving six women, prompting Cavallé, dubbed the ‘love scammer,’ to surrender. Victims, demanding justice for years, witness a significant victory as he begins serving a sentence of two years and three months for scamming six victims of €68,500.

Cavallé, adopting various false identities on dating apps, manipulated victims with fake professions and financial claims. The ‘love scammer’ faces additional trials while incarcerated for his fraudulent activities.

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