New York State Goes After Citibank For Failing To Protect & Refund To Scam Victims – January 2024

New York State Goes After Citibank for Failing to Protect & Refund to Scam Victims

New York State Attorney General Files Lawsuit Against Citibank for Scam Victim

•  SCARS Editorial Team – Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams Inc.

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The New York Attorney General, Letitia James, filed a lawsuit against Citibank for negligence in protecting customers from fraud, alleging that the bank failed to implement strong security measures and improperly denied reimbursement to victims.

Citi’s lax security protocols led to millions of dollars being stolen from customers, with some losing their life savings. Victims reported delayed responses to fraud claims, with Citi often leaving them on lengthy holds, allowing scammers to continue their activities. The lawsuit highlights the importance of robust security measures and swift responses to fraud reports by financial institutions.

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